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The Sinkings by Amanda Curtin

The Sinkings opens with a grisly axe murder in the Western Australian town of Albany in 1882. The description of the murder takes little more than a page before the reader finds themselves in the present day, watching armchair researcher Willa Sampson ferret around in the State Records Office. Willa is looking for archival material relating to the murder. Willa is neither a descendant of the murdered man (a real historical personage), or a devotee of convict history. But there is a fillip of evidence in the records that intrigues her and gives her a sense of ‘ownership’ over the deceased’s story. Read the rest of this entry »

The Nature of Ice

Robyn Mundy’s debut novel The Nature of Ice posed some challenges for me. Couple my horror of cold weather with the unsettling part frozen wastelands play in my dreamscapes and a novel set almost entirely in Antarctica was going to be problematic. But the book drew me in nonetheless. Read the rest of this entry »