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Isabelle of the Moon and Stars

isabelle cover 3My brand new novel hits the bookstores on the 1st November!

Here’s the blurb:

Ever since ‘the incident’ two years ago, Isabelle has been stuck in a dead-end job, trying desperately to keep it together and ward off ‘The Black Place.’ Her best friend Evan is her safe place. They laugh at each other’s jokes, share the same interests, and take the piss out of each other with the ruthless efficiency of long acquaintance. Sex isn’t an issue because Evan has made a bargain with God to keep it in his pants, while Isabelle is still recovering from being deserted by her fiance Karl. Then, just as Evan reconsiders his vow, Isabelle contrives a bizarre passion for her boss, Jack. Everything implodes on one suffocatingly hot Australia Day. To escape the resulting chaos, Isabelle flees to Prague where she must finally confront her fears. Written by S.A. Jones, one of Australia’s brightest new voices, Isabelle of the Moon and Stars is a provocative and funny novel about the dark places, both personal and historical.

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Red Dress Walking

This is the story of Will and Emily, who are very much in love with each other. Will – an engineer – is direct, logical, down to earth. Em, in contrast, is a reader, living in a world of her own which is alive with the characters that she reads and writes. Their life is rich in friends, food, wine and laughter. Yet Will wants more. One day, yearning to express the depth of his love for Emily, he gives her a gift: a ravishing red dress. Somehow, with this well intentioned but entirely misguided gift, fault lines in their relationship open up and everything starts falling apart.

An original and thought provoking novel of identify, love, desire and ‘how beauty unhinges us all’, Red Dress Walking is a playful, clever and sexy story about men and women, breakdowns ad break-ups, the fierce friendships that women have, and how literature transforms and sustains us’.

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